Family Law

The breakdown of a relationship can lead to a stressful time for all those concerned. We understand how painful this experience can be. We provide assistance by preparing cohabitation and prenup agreements so that if a relationship fails, each party’s financial and property rights and obligations are already set out. We also prepare separation agreements on dissolution of a relationship. We strive to negotiate fair, amicable resolutions so that you may avoid the stress and expense associated with litigating your matter in court.

You can find out a little more about some of the areas of family law which we can assist with below:

Dissolution of a Marriage or Common Law Relationship

Whether you’re seeking a divorce or looking to end a adult interdependent partnership (common law relationship), our team can assist you each and every step of the way. Our goal is to seek an outcome that is fair and maintains a high level of civility between both parties.


Pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements are commonplace and can bear significant influence over divorce proceedings. In short, these agreements can clarify what happens to finances, assets and support obligations in the event that a marriage or relationship is dissolved.


Whether you’ve just entered or ended a relationship, if you cohabit with one another, Fares Law Firm can provide valuable advice and assistance. Fares Law Firm is also well-placed to assist individuals looking to protect their assets as well as situations where a family business might be involved.

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